6 Ways to Enjoy Fall with a Date Night at Station Park

It shouldn’t be any secret that fall is my very favorite season! And it probably doesn’t come as any surprise that one of my favorite places to go for date night is Station Park. If you need me this season, I’ll be spending a lot of time at Station Park with friends, on my own and out on dates with my little family and my husband.

fall date ideas at Station Park

Fall Date Night Ideas at Farmington Station Park

Eat waffles by the fountain

One of our favorite places to eat at Station Park is Waffled. They’re located on the east side of the fountains, next to Fiiz. They have a lot of really yummy options for every meal. We personally love the breakfast stuffed waffles, but it’s on my list to get a savory stuffed waffle for lunch soon as well. Or just grab a dessert waffle if that’s your thing. There is seating all around the fountains where you can sit and eat your waffle while you enjoy the fall weather.

Spend an afternoon reading

Did you know that Barnes and Noble just opened at Station Park. Take some books with you or buy something new and spend the afternoon reading next to each other. There’s something really cozy about an afternoon spent at the bookstore.

Meet for a lunch date

One of my favorite things about fall is that school is back in session and you have a lot of time without the kids, when you don’t have to hire a babysitter. Take advantage of that time if you can and meet up for a lunch date! Station Park is a great place to go for lunch, whether you only have a few minutes, or are able to escape for a longer amount of time. Check out Station Park’s website for all of their dining options.

fall date night ideas davis county utah

Get creative

Station Park is home to a really fun pottery painting shop that you should visit if you have the chance! You get to pick your piece and design it any way you want, then come back a few days later to pick up the finished product. It’s a fun and different date night activity that I think you’d really enjoy.

Go for brunch

Have you heard about brunch at Tortilla Union? If you haven’t, go read this post! It’s only offered on the weekends, but it’s worth going for. Twigs also has a great brunch menu on the weekends. And any day of the week you can grab brunch food at Waffled or Blue Lemon. We love brunch dates because the restaurants aren’t usually as crowded and the food is different. And I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love brunch food.

Do a little shopping

Fall is the perfect time to update your wardrobe. Kids always get new back-to-school outfits, adults deserve some too! Station Park has a variety of stores to shop at, so there’s something to fit every style. Spend the afternoon treating yourself to a a few new outfits, then end your date with an early dinner or some dessert.

date night ideas

If all else fails, head to Station Park just to walk around, window show and familiarize yourself with what it has to offer. It’s a gorgeous place to hang out and seriously one of my favorite places in Davis County!

Lunch Date to P.F. Chang's at Farmington Station Park

Our kids started preschool last week and and my husband had a few days off work, so we took advantage of the time for a little lunch date. We were going to go to one of my very favorite restaurants, but then I remembered that P.F. Chang’s recently opened at Station Park and we decided to try it out. I’d heard varying reviews from other people who had been, but we knew they had good gluten free options, and we love Chinese food, so we wanted to give them a try. In short, I was thrilled with our experience and we will definitely be going back!

Where: P.F. Chang’s at Farmington Station Park. On the south side of the fountains, just west of the theaters.
Cost: $10-$15 per plate

p.f. changs farmington utah

If you are looking for high end Chinese food, perfect for date night, P.F. Chang’s is the place to go! The atmosphere and the food make it perfect for a lunch date or dinner date. I was impressed with the detail of all of the decorations in the restaurant. Our server was friendly and super helpful, and I noticed the same with other servers at the tables around us. All of the staff was great, our wait time wasn’t long at all and even though the restaurant was busy while we were there, our food came out quickly.

I had the hardest time deciding what to order, I wanted one of everything on the menu. I have a weakness for spring rolls however, so I couldn’t resist starting with one to see how theirs were. I think it was the best vegetable spring roll I’ve ever had. The wrapper was crispy and the inside was fresh and light, not dense or soggy, like some that I’ve tasted before. And they’re served with a sweet chili dipping sauce which I also really love.

p.f. changs favorites

We took advantage of a daily special and ordered Chicken Fried Rice to share. I’m not generally a big fan of fried rice, but I couldn’t get enough of this one! The bean sprouts and green onion were my favorite additions, but really the entire thing was delicious! It’s an added bonus that it is a gluten free option that my husband could enjoy. I was a nice wife and let him finish off the leftovers for his lunch the next day, without even asking for a bite.

My husband ordered off of the gluten free menu. While it seems really limited, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the options. He chose the Mongolian Beef and he said other than the garlic (he doesn’t like garlic), it was really good! I know there are a few other things on the menu that he’d enjoy, even though they’re not the dishes that the rest of the table will be enjoying.

p.f. changs gluten free

I’d heard good things about their signature Crispy Honey Chicken, so even though I was really tempted by the Orange Peel Chicken, I decided to give it a try, with brown rice. I really enjoyed it and think it’s a classic dish that anyone would like. It’s not spicy at all and doesn’t have a really strong flavor that would potentially deter anyone. Because I ate so much of the fried rice earlier in our meal, I had enough to take home and enjoy for another meal later in the week.

I’ve heard amazing things about so many of the items on P.F. Chang’s menu, and I want to try them all. On my radar right now is the Orange Peel Chicken, Mandarin Crunch Salad, Crispy Avocado Spring Rolls, and Chicken Pad Thai. I’m also really excited to try some of their desserts! The Banana Spring Rolls and Vietnamese Chocolate Lava Cake are calling my name.

favorite p.f. changs dishes

We will definitely be back for more dates at P.F. Chang’s in the future, and it may become our new go to for Chinese takeout because it’s close, has options everyone in our family would enjoy and it’s really good quality food! It’s just another reason for us to love Station Park as a destination for our date nights.

Brunch at Tortilla Union

A few months ago, Tortilla Union announced that they would start serving brunch on weekends, and it’s been on my to do list to go ever since. It took us a few months to find an opportunity when we could go on a date, but we finally made it happen and now I want to have brunch at Tortilla Union every single week! The menu isn’t extensive, but what’s there is phenomenal, so you don’t need a huge variety. If you haven’t been to Tortilla Union yet, I’d strongly suggest going to brunch and dinner, and go a few times because there’s a lot of goodness on their menu, you’ll want to taste it all!

tortilla union brunch

From the moment I saw Tortilla Union’s brunch menu, I knew that I needed to try the Candy Pancakes first. There was no second guessing when we sat down at our table, I knew exactly what I wanted to eat. My husband however, had a few things to choose between. He eats gluten free and we were glad to find some great gluten free options on their menu. He ended up ordering the Carne Steak and Eggs and said it was really good. I can’t stop raving and dreaming about those Candy Pancakes I ate, and felt really bad that my husband couldn’t try a bit because they were amazing!

The pancakes themselves were the perfect texture and a tiny bit crispy on the edges. The batter is sprinkled with cinnamon and pieces of Tortilla Union’s candied bacon are mixed in the batter as well. They come out topped with chipotle honey butter and a horchata crumble and the entire concoction topped with Tortilla Union’s syrup is mind blowing! I always love the unique combination of flavors in their dishes, but this one tops it all! It’s sweet, it’s savory and it has a little kick to it as well! I was in heaven the entire time I ate them, couldn’t wait for my leftovers and immediately wanted more as soon as they were gone.

brunch farmington utah

There are so many yummy looking dishes on Tortilla Union’s brunch menu. The Huevos Rancheros and the Smothered Breakfast Burrito sounded really good to me. But if I’m being completely honest, it’s going to be next to impossible for me to resist ordering the Candy Pancakes every time we’re there.

An added bonus to brunch at Tortilla Union is that they also serve food from their regular menu during that time. So we ordered breakfast dishes but also made sure to get some Manchego Cheese Dip because no trip to Tortilla Union is complete without that miracle cheese dip and chips!

P.S. If weather is permitting, have brunch on the patio! It adds another element of fun to your date night.

6 Summer Date Ideas at Station Park

Station Park is one of our favorite places to go for date night all year round. We love the atmosphere and being able to stay in one place for our entire date night. There are lots of great places to eat and play at Station Park, no matter the time of year! This year I want to share ideas for your date nights at Station Park for each of the four seasons. Below you’ll find a few ideas for summer enjoyment at Davis County’s favorite date night destination!

station park - farmington, utah

Summer Date Night Ideas at Farmington Station Park

Breakfast on the patio

Tortilla Union and Twigs both just started serving brunch on the weekends! Their menus look tasty and we can’t wait to try them out! They both have patio dining perfect for enjoying meals on warmer days. You can also stop by Waffled and enjoy one of their stuffed liege breakfast waffles at one of the seating areas near the fountains. There are so many great options, you’ll want to enjoy your breakfast date multiple times this summer!

outdoor dining - station park - farmington utah

Rock the Park concerts

If you like free summer entertainment, you’ll want to stop by Station Park on Thursday nights for their free summer concert series, Rock the Park! You can enjoy a meal at one of their restaurants or bring your own picnic to enjoy on the grass. The concerts take place next to the fountains where there’s a lot of space for sitting and enjoying music on a summer night. Click here for more details about free summer concerts in Davis County, including Rock the Park.

Grab an ice cream cone and wander

Last Course is located east of the movie theater and has a lot of yummy ice cream flavors for you to enjoy! Grab a cone with your favorite flavor and walk around the rest of Station Park while you eat your treat!

last course dessert studio - farmington station park - farmington utah

Try a new restaurant

There are a lot of new restaurants opening at Station Park, or recently opened! We have loved trying new food and having more excuses to head to one of our favorite places in Davis County. Check out the dining options on Station Park’s website for notes on which restaurants are new or coming soon in the area, then add them to your list to try on your next date!

Catch a movie on $5 Tuesdays

Cinemark at Station Park is one of our very favorite places to go see a movie. We can grab a meal before the show or a treat after, and they have comfortable recliners to watch the movie from in all of their theaters. There are a lot of great movies coming out this summer, but going to see a show that often can be expensive. All day on Tuesdays, you can purchase movie tickets for just $5 a piece. It’s a great price for a date!

cinemark theater - farmington station park - utah

Dance by the fountains

One of the first summers we went to Station Park, we were there until it closed and noticed a few couples dancing when the fountain show was going and playing music. Be trend setters and start dancing to one of your favorite songs, whether it’s a slow song or one perfect for swing dancing. There is plenty of space in the area surrounding the fountains for dancing, and the later it gets, the less people there will be around.

station park - farmington utah - date night ideas

Whatever you choose to do for date night this summer, spend some time at Station Park. The outdoor venue is perfect for date night fun and relaxing as a couple any time of year, but summertime is my favorite!

Where to Celebrate International Sushi Day in Davis County

International Sushi Day is this coming Tuesday June 18th and I wanted to give you enough notice that you could celebrate with a date night over the weekend if you want. Like most random holidays, there is a real purpose behind . The purpose of this holiday is to raise awareness about the truths and fiction surrounding sushi.

Location: Restaurants around Davis County
Cost: Varies - see price range by restaurant below

Confession: I've never been a huge sushi fan, but the truth is, I've only tasted it once and it was years ago. I made it a goal to try it again last year and couldn't do it. So if you have suggestions for what type of sushi we should try first, please send them my way!

International Sushi Day

Where to Find Good Sushi in Davis County

Mikkado - Bountiful (255 N 500 W) - $8-$15 per roll: 16 different sushi roll options as well as a variety of Tepanyaki options for those non-sushi eaters in your group. For a special occasion, try the 5 Course Dinner for Two ($68)

Fuji Sushi - Centerville (330 N Marketplace Dr) - $3.50-$14.50 per roll: Dine in or pickup. Fuji Sushi is an Asian restaurant known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and use of high quality fresh ingredients.

Sushi Monster - Farmington (935 W 100 N) - $11-$30: No menus are provided online for this restaurant, so I'm going to have to go here in person. The reviews and posts on social media mention great deals on sushi rolls and delicious food.

Davis County Sushi locations

Tony's Grill and Sushi Bar - Layton (22 N Main Street) - $4.50-$11 per roll: A wide variety of sushi and endless sushi rolls.

Osaka Sushi and Isakaya - Layton (918 Heritage Park Blvd) - $4.00-$15 per roll: So many different options for sushi and Japanese cuisine. Check out their menu on Facebook to see what all they have to offer.

Sushi Ya - Clearfield (1246 Legend Hills Dr) - $4.50-$13 per roll: All you can eat for $14.95 per person, select from sushi sections A&B.

The best sushi in Davis County, UT

At Home - Smith's Near You - Smith's has a sushi-to-go counter in their stores that I've heard is pretty good. If you have had experience with their sushi before, please leave your thoughts in the comments below for others to refer to.

'Where do you like to go for sushi in Davis County?

The best places to get sushi in Davis County, UT